Created by William Miyamoto...

Photo by Albert Lien from Simply Colorfu

  This build started off as simply playing around and trying to learn how to use our new 3D printer.  The head pieces came out great so I bought a ball for the body and was just going to make a full size display model.  The ball is used for outdoor lighting and had one hole in it.  We were playing around and I put it over Kayla.  Wow, she completely fit inside!  And that's when it turned into a cosplay project.

    I finished the head by gluing it together, painting, adding a few LED lights, and padding the inside with fabric covered foam.

    For the body I cut another hole for her head and a side door for the "thumbs up".  Foam was added for her shoulders, and the markings on the outside are vinyl decals made by a friend Cory Pacione at Creative Juices.

    Nikki made the glove last minute (2 hours before the convention) from an old t-shirt, cellophane wrap, and colored markers. 

~ William

Here is a video taken of BB-8s debut at WonderCon 2016
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