Baby Predator build

Created by Nikki Miyamoto...

Before we begin, there are some frequent questions people usually ask about this costume. 

Has Kayla watched the movies?    No..... But she has watched "How to dress a Predator" thousands of times on Youtube..... She loves to point out all the things I DIDN'T make for her. ;)   Video found HERE
She also loves this VIDEO

Did we force her to wear the costume?   No...... Three year olds do not do ANYTHING you want them to.  LOL

How much does the costume weigh? Only a few pounds.... People who have held the Bio in their hands are always surprised with how light it is.  It is only craft foam after all. :D

Is she comfortable in it?  Very comfortable!  She has even taken a nap in it a few times.  The longest she was in it was 7 hours... we kept asking if she wanted a break, but she didn't want to take it off, except for bathroom breaks.

Does she dislike anything about the costume?   She did get discouraged with the crowds in the beginning.  She HATED when people went "AWWWWW!" and called her cute.  She never smiled in it because she wanted to look tough, so she started getting mad that people thought her cute.  There was a convention she didn't want to wear it because of this, but after I promised to tell people NOT to call her cute, she wished to wear it again.   Near the end of the costume's life, she did open up to smiling and being "cute".  She also started to experiment in her poses and got really good at it!  It was very interesting seeing her evolve and grow in this costume.

How much does this costume cost?
   Not for sale..... You can't have it......sorry.  ;)    The materials are just a little over a hundred dollars.  The time spent on it is valued between 1,000 to 2,000.
MARCH 23, 2014

Originally, DarthWill and I were going to have our two daughters as Marines to compliment our Yautja when we trooped around. Although our oldest, Zoe, is very excited to be stomping around in camo with a huge gatling gun at her side and fighting the "evil" predators, our youngest wanted to follow in her parents footsteps. (In truth, it was watching Predators dancing to Gungnam Style on Youtube that did the trick) In her words, "I want to be Predator.... I am awesome!" Being a pushover to my 3 year old's dream of being a brutal alien hunter when she grows up, I gave no resistance. Does that make me a bad parent? o_O

Anyhoo... here is Kayla's mini build!

I decided to make her costume simple. No muscle suit, although that would have been adorable, but way too hot with added armor for a 3 year old. I will be making her an airbrushed suit but will do that later after I find a comfortable light material that won't over heat her.

This is Kayla

Fun with craft foam (two different thicknesses 2mm and 6mm)
Shin guard with velcro closure

Shin guard and chest armor primed

Kayla's trying on her armor :)
Chest armor painted. I was going to do it in the hammered silver, but decided to let Kayla choose considering it is for her. In the end, she chose the hammered brown with silver highlights. I will also put blue detailing on the finished product due to it being her favorite color.
Not sure if I will be making a cannon for her. William thinks I should wait and see how the dreads workout before we add on more bulk. I may make one for photoshoots, but that easily comes off to troop around.

MARCH 30, 2014

Really productive week! Got so much done and hoping to get more to show tomorrow.

Doing a sort of mock half-mask for Kayla. out of craft foam and fabric.


In the kitchen cooking dreads today. Really started getting the hang of it by the middle of the session. I am feeling more confident for when it comes to William and my Predator.


Added holes for the dreads today. Total of 40 with 5/8" backer rod

Starting to get that Preddy feeling!

I was going to make Kayla an airbrushed bodysuit, but decided to cheat and just buy some printed knit fabric. She wanted to be a blue Yautja so got some blue leopard for her. :D I may add some light gray-white to her tummy later, but for now I'm happy with it.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the Bio done.

APRIL 1, 2014

So got the bio done today and.... It wasn't exactly as I planned.

There were some great surprises and some not so great. But the ending product is growing on me so I think I may keep it as is and not repaint.

Anyway.... here's the journey of Kayla's Bio.

The pattern was pretty simple, most of it was trial and error and I wasn't going with any cannon bio. Just having fun and experimenting.


Wanted to do a little tribute to another one of Kayla's passions... How to Train Your Dragon. So I made some simple dragon scales out of oven hardening clay. And found a neat little thing at the craft store. Textured craft foam... Awesome!



Super late last night William was browsing through the "How To" on Youtube and stumbled upon an instruction video on heating and molding craft foam. Never thought it would be that effective but the video was impressive and I had to try. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the result on the bottom half of the bio. Super easy and really made the Preddy look! HAPPY DANCE!! I was going to put some vents under the cheek bone of the bio but loved the rounded look the heated foam made so much, I didn't have the heart to cut into it.

Primed and painted...


Added copper highlights and little detailing. William laughed at me because even though I never plan it, I always seem to lean towards the color combo of gold, copper, and black. Don't know why... just happens whenever I built something... o_O

Now the bad part...
I knew it was a mistake. Something inside me told me not to do it, and I had an inner battle for at least 45 minutes. The brown, copper, and gold paint job just looked so pretty I didn't really want to mess it up. Keep it all clean and pretty for my little girl. But the grime monkey in me won the battle and I went to work of giving the bio a little weathering.

I don't know if it was the heat from the lamp, the awful windy weather or the fact that I didn't put enough water in the black wash but...... It turned out frightfully dark. YIKES!!!!

APRIL 7, 2014

Small update this time around. I was hoping to get both wrist armor done this past weekend but it took me a whole 6 hours just finishing one. YIKES! Here it is put together and primed. I also finished Kayla's dreads but will take a picture after I have decorated them. She looked rather cute though, sporting them will riding her tricycle! :)


APRIL 19, 2014

It's 1:00 in the morning and like any normal costume Vet, I am still up putting the final touches on Kayla's Preddy before her debut at Wonder Con today. Some habits never die...

I still haven't made shoulder armor for her costume, but have decided that can wait for another time. That and perhaps a bone necklace. I was able to solve her little "too heavy of dread rings" problem, and am pretty happy with the costume. I will post some pictures of her trooping the Con Sunday night for anyone who is interested.

Until then, here are some pictures of the items I completed this week.


Baby Preddy Feet



Her loin cloth and chest straps
Finished helmet and dreads

Happy Hunting everyone!

APRIL 21, 2014

Hey everyone! WonderCon was great fun and Kayla was a HUGE hit! We were there late Saturday and by Sunday morning we had learned that she was all over Twitter and Instagram. People were actually searching the Con Sunday in hopes of spotting her. :)

Here are some highlights...

These are the pictures that are all over the internet if you GOOGLE baby predator.



Look at Da cheeks! They brought unified "ahhhh"s from the crowds every time she disengaged her bio.

The guy that took this picture is an incredible Cosplay photographer and offered to do a free session with both kids at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden. Should be awesome!

Sneaking up on WALL-E

In Daddy's arms (DarthWill)


Kayla with my droid HAL-1138

Kayla IN William's droid... :p
Richard Hatch ran out of his signing booth to get a picture of baby Preddy.

These guys are awesome... They gave Kayla a signed set of one of their children book sets. And one of them is even inspired to write one of "Kayla, the baby Predator". Hoping to see it happen!

This was pretty much how it was everywhere she went...
Random fun and awesome



And they are all so cute until they start collecting your skull.....

So sleepy
Baby Predator and her most prized trophy of the 2 day hunt... A deflating balloon that she caught outside.

Happy Hunting!!!!


MAY 3, 2014

It has been terribly hot this whole week so I haven't got much done with the final three details. I did however work on her skull necklace.

Tried my hand at the oven hardening clay again

Weathered bone

Leather cord and wooden beads

Baby Predator's best "your skull's next buddy" look. :)
Hopefully it won't be too hot to work on her Combi stick tomorrow. I'll post if I get a chance to work on it.

MAY 11, 2014

Finished the Combi stick. the base is a simple wooden dowel with craft foam blades and leather detailing.



We also had a photoshoot of the girls yesterday. Here is a sneak peek. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them.

Happy Hunting!

MAY 12, 2014

Greetings fellow hunters!

Got some pictures from this past weekend. The photographer is Albert Lien and he is in a word AWESOME! Worked so well with the kids they instantly loved him. And the moments he captured proves his skill with not only the environment, but the subject as well. Too much awesomeness to put on this one thread (it would take up 3 pages) So I will just post the best of the best! You can go here to see the high res if you wish. Zoe has an album in her Pirate Fairy as well.





And lastly... enjoying her chocolatey trophy after a good hunt.

MAY 14, 2014

I want to keep this thread reserved for Kayla's Preddy, but have to add these pictures as well because what better way for a baby Predator to spend her day than conversing with her fairy big sister and having a tea party.


AUGUST 27, 2015

Kayla won her first costume contest... 2nd Prize and against adults no less..... So proud of her! $50 dollars richer to help with her next build! and toys.. of course. ;) I'll post the video tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a picture of her enjoying a frosty cold one.

And no, not photoshopped.... The real thing baby! Had it made at a special Geek HQ coke station. Supposed to be custom "real" names.... but they allowed it. LOL

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